About us


All Saints School campus is strategically designed to provide an ideal and secure environment for its students.

The campus has large open spaces as well as appropriately planned buildings for Pre - Primary, Middle and Senior Wings, providing ample space for outdoor as well as indoor activities.

Expansive green belts that intersperse urban development and help maintain the ecological balance. All this ensures a pollution - free environment in which your child can breathe easy.

Central monitoring systems make the two buildings totally safe, ensuring complete security for all the students.

Vehicular traffic within the campus is controlled to ensure complete safety of the children.

The forms and colours of the buildings have carefully been designed to provide mental stimulation for children.

Interior spaces throughout the school are child-friendly with no sharp edges or rough surfaces.

Silent generators are installed to ensure a constant, effective power supply.

State of the art indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

Fire alarms and fire fighting system adds to the security.