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What Make Us Unique?

Coupled with a strong foundation of social and moral values, the students develop a respect for the rich heritages of the past while master the complexities of modernity.

All Saints School is based on four pillars; Tradition, Technology, Excellence and Collaboration. It is the strength provided by the fusion of these four basic principles that give All Saints School its own unique character and identity.

What Make Us Unique?

The curriculum ensures that the children are exposed to the rich heritage of Indian history, folklore, literature, art and culture. The classical languages and yoga are therefore an integral part of the curriculum. Above all, it is the constant endeavor of the staff to sensitize the students for not only traditional Indian values but also the universal values that epitomize the human face of Indian Culture.

To give the Children the Competitive Edge, they are divided into four Houses:

Each house is divided into two sections, the Junior Section consists of students from class I to V and senior section includes students from Class VI to XII. Each house is headed by a captain, a vice-captain and two Prefects. Besides this, the school also has a Head Boy and Head Girl and a Sports Captain. The school organize and executes various Inter-House competitions during the academic year. All the norms for participating are informed well in advance and the winning students contribute points to their houses. Trophies are given for - Best Turnout, Early Bird Pyramid, Basketball, Football and March Past. The house with maximum points is declared the House of the Year and is given the Cock House Trophy during the Annual Sports Meet.